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Posted inCivic and Community Information

American Black Journal: A Roundtable on Police Brutality and Systemic Racism

Stephen Henderson talks with Karen Dumas (Communications Strategist) Brandon Brice (“Straight Talk” host, 910 AM Superstation), Kerry Leon Jackson (The Urban Conservative) and Greg Bowens (PR & Political Strategist) for an in-depth discussion of the local, national and global protests against police brutality and systemic racism.

Posted inCivic and Community Information

American Black Journal: Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony / Small Business Workshop

Stephen spoke with the President of the Detroit NAACP, Rev. Wendell Anthony, to get his perspective on Floyd’s murder, the protests, and where we go from here. Then, this year’s “Small Business Workshop” is going virtual to help owners rebound. Stephen talked with the founder of the event, Mark Lee of the Lee Group, and David Girodat from presenting sponsor, Fifth Third Bank.

Posted inCivic and Community Information

American Black Journal: Warren Evans / Mental health toll on African Americans

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans talks with Stephen about COVID-19, its impact on the county, and how it is disrupting the 2020 Census count. Plus, the pandemic’s disproportionate impact on African Americans, combined with a jump in violent racist acts across the country, are taking a huge mental health toll on people of color.