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  • Public Transit in Oakland County; How the Inflation Reduction Act will impact the electric vehicle industy

    Will Oakland County expand it’s public transit system? Oakland County Board of Commissioners chair Dave Woodward, State Senator Ruth Johnson, and Transportation Riders United executive director Megan Owens join the show for a lively discussion about the upcoming vote on public transit in Oakland County, if it should pass, and how it would affect the region. Then, Automotive News executive editor Jamie Butters stops by to discuss the Inflation Reduction Act’s impact on the electric vehicle industry.

  • Detroit’s tax ecosystem — and why it needs to change

    Detroit’s tax structure is odd, partly because Detroit is a city trying to redevelop and build back equitably after losing 1.5 million people since the 1950s. There are very high property taxes, nonexistent consumption taxes, and many corporate tax breaks. The city is short on revenue – for services, for investment, for infrastructure. At the same time, the people who live in the city – and the poorest people, especially – bear the brunt of a walloping tax burden. Eric Lupher, the President of the Citizens Research Council of Michigan, and Nick Allen, a former manager of strategy and policy for the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation and current doctoral candidate studying city planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, join the show to discuss Detroit’s tax ecosystem and potential solutions to its issues.

  • The past and future of the labor movement

    Wayne State University Professor Marick Masters joins Stephen to discuss why the service and tech sectors are now spaces for collective bargaining, and why Americans abandoned the labor movement for the past few decades. Then, WDET’s Sascha Raiyn joins the show to discuss new developments with the United Auto Workers.