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This story also appeared in Authentically Detroit

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Orlando Bailey and Donna Givens welcome sitting Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree to discuss the recent Michigan Supreme Court ruling, Rafaeli vs. Oakland County and its impact on Wayne County’s tax foreclosure policy and practices. The treasurer also shares his thoughts on the Aug. 4 elections. Listen today!

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  1. When you post something on Facebook about anything, you should at least check your sources. This article in which you are writing about is false. This article is incorrect in other words. I am a recipient of one of the special programs that the Wayne County Treasurer has implemented for homeowners to retain their property in the City of Detroit. I am a senior citizen also and do not maintain a good paying job, so therefore I do need assistance. But with other programs, I do not qualify. Therefore, I appreciate at least the paying your back property taxes in increments in which I can afford without losing my home! Thank you for reading my response to your article.

  2. Very disappointed that you failed to allow equal time on this program for the other candidates for the office of Wayne County Treasurer. Obviously you did not fully vet the issues or platforms. There are lingering negative issues about Mr Sabree’s overall handling of the office as Treasurer and as Deputy Treasurer dating from 2011. Should change name of the podcast! Call me if you really want to know the real deal. Beverly Kindle-Walker

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