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Steering the Future: Moving the Motor City’s Auto Industry Forward 

More than a century ago, Detroit’s entrepreneurial spirit put the Michigan auto industry on the map as the Motor City — the car capital of the world, but how will the state that has led the automotive industry for several decades stay competitive in the ever-changing automotive environment of the 21st century? 

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One Detroit revisits an important conversation from our Future of Work Town Hall series, led this month by contributors Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley. Co-hosts Henderson and Finley are joined by guest panelists Sandy Baruah, the president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber, and Glenn Stevens, Jr., the executive director of MICHauto, to discuss Detroit’s historically strong automotive foundation, the changes we’re seeing in Michigan’s auto industry today, and the investments the state will need to secure a strong future workforce.

Plus, they explore the future of electric vehicles (EVs), automotive factories, battery plants and the changes the industry can expect to see. 

Water’s True Cost | Rising Water Costs Hit Home for Southeast Michigan Residents

When you look around Michigan, from the Great Lakes to smaller lakes, streams and rivers, water is everywhere, yet it’s getting more expensive for households across the state. Between aging infrastructure, maintenance and replacement costs, many Michigan households are hard-pressed to keep pace with the increasing costs. 

The issue is a relatively new one, too. According to a report from the University of Michigan published last year, between 1980 and 2018, average water prices across the state of Michigan nearly doubled, when adjusted for inflation. In some cities, the increase was even larger, and low-income households were hit the hardest.

Ahead of Great Lakes Now’s special episode, “Water’s True Cost”  at 7:30p ET May 25, One Detroit shares a clip from the upcoming show featuring Circle of Blue journalist Brett Walton, who talks with Oakland County Water Resource Commissioner Jim Nash and looks into water affordability for residents in Southeast Michigan. 

Sustainable Sushi? How One Metro Detroit Chef Is Attempting to Change the Seafood Industry

To land a spot on the Detroit Free Press’s “Top 10 Best New Restaurants in metro Detroit” list, written by the newspaper’s new Dining & Restaurant Critic Lyndsay Green, restaurants need more than delicious food and an inviting ambiance. They need a focus on humanitarian or environmental efforts to rise above the rest. This year, the restaurant that rose to the top of the list is Clawson newcomer Sozai Restaurant, led by Chef Hamije Sato with a focus on creating sustainable sushi plates. 

Though sustainable sushi isn’t a term you’ll hear mentioned a lot among those in the seafood industry. Chef Sato’s Sozai is only one of a few restaurants across the nation serving sushi sustainably. According to Chef Sato, more than one-third of seafood served in America’s restaurants is unsustainable.

One Detroit Editor Chris Jordan met up with Green at White Wolf Japanese Patisserie to talk about the sustainability efforts that landed Sozai the top honors this year. Then, Jordan heads down to Sozai himself to talk with Chef Sato about food sustainability, the local Great Lakes fish he features, and how sushi lovers can practice greater sustainability while enjoying a meal out.

Don’t miss the 2022 Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference Starting May 31

Conversations about the future of work and making Michigan more competitive will be front and center at this year’s Detroit Regional Chamber Mackinac Policy Conference.

Join One Detroit for its special hour-long coverage of the 2022 Mackinac Policy Conference, anchored by One Detroit’s Founding Managing Editor Christy McDonald, at 7p ET June 2, and follow along for live coverage of the conference from May 31 to June 2. 

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One Detroit’s Chris Jordan learns more about sustainable sushi with Sozai Restaurant Owner and chef Hamije Sato. Circle of Blue Journalist Brett Walton explores water affordability and the rising costs of water in Southeast Michigan. Plus, a look at the current state and future of Michigan’s auto industry, EVs and more.
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