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  • Misinformation & Critical Thinking Helen Lee Bouygues, Founder and President of The Reboot Foundation that advocate for critical thinking and social media for kids and adults, talks with Will Glover about the who, what, where, and whys of misinformation, disinformation, and critical thinking in the wake of the January 6th attempted coup at the Capitol.
  • The COVID Vaccine: Supply & demand in Oakland County Christy talks with Oakland County Executive, Dave Coulter, about the frustration of changing dose numbers and scheduling.
  • The COVID Vaccine: How protected are you? We hear from Beaumont Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Nick Gilpin, about what people can expect when they receive both doses of the vaccine.
  • One City Under a Pandemic | Clawson: Part 3 We’ve been tracking the effects of COVID-19 on that small city in southeastern Oakland County, which was on the upswing when the virus hit. The second lockdown came as we entered the holiday season. One Detroit’s Bill Kubota and Chris Jordan see how businesses have fared and provide perhaps a glimpse where that city—and the rest of us—are going. Some businesses are holding their own. Others are in dire straits.

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