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  • Governor Whitmer on Mask Enforcement: “What we do today will determine whether or not we’re in a position to reengage in the fall.” Christy talks with Governor Whitmer about the response to the mask mandate as well as the impact on schools potentially reopening 6 weeks from now.
  • An Old School Deli Dilemma: Steve Morse reopened his Old School Deli in Roseville after a three-month shut down because of the pandemic. An idle cash register has been a problem, but losing friends to COVID-19 puts that in perspective. Now masks are required until customers sit down. Some follow the rules, but others don’t like it. “I’ve been called a lot of new names the last few weeks,” Morse tells One Detroit’s Bill Kubota. He’s getting by business-wise, but wonders when another shutdown will come with coronavirus cases on the rise again.
  • Parenting, COVID-19, and Schools: Where’s the Coordination? If you don’t wear a mask now, will your kids go back to school in 6 weeks? Detroit Free Press Columnist, Nancy Kaffer, recently wrote an opinion piece on the subject. Christy talks with her about parenting, school, and safety.
  • New Detroit Declares War on Racism: The non-profit New Detroit, which formed as a response to the civil unrest of 1967, recently released a declaration that outlines actions that individuals and institutions can take to combat interpersonal and systemic racism. Stephen Henderson talks with CEO Michael Rafferty on American Black Journal for more.

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