3 thoughts on “Michigan is more integrated than ever. Some fear more white flight will follow

  1. This is such a fascinating story and would love to see updates overtime to it to learn how the region as a whole is dealing with the changes. Particularly how Detroit intends on attracting more middle-class families.

    I have my own ideas for what would attract that demographic, namely the following: safer streets brought on by design changes, improved and expanded public transportation, improving public schools, more housing options, and clean/safe parks and other recreational activities for all ages.

    Detroit has job opportunities and other opportunities here. It is just a challenge to stay in a city where the following is the reality:

    -You’re forced to own a motor vehicle (so is everyone else which increases insurance rates)
    -The streets are filled with litter (parks too)
    -It is dangerous to let your kids get around the neighborhood on foot or bike
    -The housing stock is aged and has a backlog of repairs that many contractors won’t come to fix or aren’t reliable
    -The schools are still bad or at least not better than elsewhere for comparable living standards and lower costs

  2. Concerning “white flight”: Ask yourselves the question, “what would make people of other races want to live next door to you, and vice-versa?” Do you respect your neighbors? Do you value them? Do you maintain the upkeep of your property? Do you teach and train your children to have the same respect and values? We all must answer these questions within ourselves. We’re all in this human race together. White flight is not the answer. Diverse communities are stronger communities. Accountability causes all concerned to be their best selves. I jokingly offer this about white flight: When you run out of places to go to on this planet, what’s the next stop, the moon?

  3. All one has to do is look at the history of demographics & crime to see why many whites (and blacks with means) move. It happened neighborhood after neighborhood in Detroit. Funny not a word was mentioned about a major reason for the exodus….incoming blacks are much more likely to be single parent homes….with no male role models for the kids. The inevitable result is increased crime and a decline in schools. Anyone who disputes this is ignoring the facts i.e. crime rates and school achievement scores in the suburban ring around Detroit.

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