The hands of Harriette Brown, aka Chef Bee, of Sisters on a Roll. She believes that food is a gift meant to give to those in need. (Photo by Cybelle Codish)

The days of the hyped up listicle that emphasize trendy (usually expensive) new restaurants in gentrifying parts of town are over.

At least, we’d like to think so.


Food journalists across the country are beginning to understand that it’s no longer enough that the food served to you in a restaurant is delicious or beautifully plated. And here in Metro Detroit, we’re interested in recognizing excellence in our local foodways through our Anti-Gentrifiers’ Guide to Dining in Detroit, in partnership with Tostada Magazine, by honoring restaurants and individuals who have demonstrated leadership. If the events of the past two years have taught us anything, the places where we gather and break bread must also work to uplift communities, preserve culture, innovate for a healthier and more sustainable workplace, and change the game in an industry contending with a historic reckoning.

Which is why, in the spirit of community, we’re calling on you, dear reader, to step up and be a part of our process to develop our dining guide. Nominations are being accepted now through Jan. 14. Once we’ve collected your nominations, members of Tostada Magazine and BridgeDetroit’s editorial team will consider all semi-finalists and vet their qualifications. The dining guide will be published in early 2022.

Here are the categories for your consideration:

  • Community: We are interested in honoring restaurants and individuals who use their platforms to promote community empowerment and wellness.
  • Culture: We place value on restaurants and individuals who use food to preserve culture and combat the erasure of Black, Latino, immigrant and indigenous experiences.
  • Innovation: We recognize that the restaurant industry is experiencing a reckoning with regard to sustainability, respect and dignity in the workplace, as well as safety among employees and diners, and want to honor those who are making strides in these areas.
  • Game-changer: We want to honor those restaurants or individuals that embody all of these values in their everyday work.

Click here to go to the nomination form. All personal contact information is kept confidential. Any information collected in this ballot will be used for purposes of this dining guide only and will not be shared with any other company or individual.

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