Detroit residents are advised not to use the water for drinking or washing clothing, even if it is boiled. (Shutterstock image)

Homeowners and business owners are being advised to run water taps for at least two minutes to see if the water runs clear.

The City of Detroit reported a water advisory for the Morningside, East English Village, and Cornerstone Village neighborhoods due to more than 60 reports of brown, rusty water in their taps and toilets on Wednesday. 

This is just days after major flooding across the city caused mayhem on major freeways, in Detroit homes, businesses and neighborhoods, although water department officials say the two events are not believed to be related. 

According to the City, no other neighborhoods have reported brown or rusty water. 

Water customers in those three eastside neighborhoods are encouraged to call the water department at 313-267-8000 if their water is discolored or has a smell. Residents are advised not to use the water for drinking or washing clothing, even if it is boiled. 

Bryan Peckinpaugh, a spokesperson for the City, said residents are encouraged to follow the precautions. He said the city released an advisory for these neighborhoods because “it’s a significant amount of people even though it’s a small percentage of the combined areas.”

According to Peckinpaugh, solving the issue of the discolored water is a priority in addition to the City’s ongoing flood response.

“We’ve been out most of the day today with crews tracking down the cause of it,” he told BridgeDetroit.  

The Department of Water and Sewage is conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the discolored water. The department said the rust color is due to a “disruption in the water pipes serving these neighborhoods causing sediment to enter customer taps,” in a press release. 

No other Detroit neighborhoods are under water or boil advisories at this time. DWSD continues to monitor the situation on the eastside and expects to have an update later this evening.

Olivia Lewis is a reporter for BridgeDetroit. She was formerly a reporter for the Battle Creek Enquirer and the Indianapolis Star. She has also worked in philanthropy for the Kresge Foundation, the Council...

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