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Posted inCivic and Community Information

American Black Journal: Dying Before Their Time / Sundown Towns

A long-term study commissioned by the Detroit Area Agency on Aging shows the older population in Detroit and eight neighboring cities is dying at a rate 2.5 times higher than the rest of Michigan. Stephen Henderson talks with DAAA President & CEO Ronald Taylor about the report’s findings and ways to reduce the numbers. Plus, One Detroit’s Will Glover talks with BridgeDetroit reporter Bryce Huffman about his in-depth report on Michigan’s sundown towns, which were historically unwelcoming to African Americans.

Posted inCivic and Community Information

American Black Journal: Racism as Public Health Crisis / Equity in the Arts

A discussion with Dr. Kimberlydawn Wisdom of Henry Ford Health System on racism’s impact on African-American health and what it takes to bring change. Plus, a conversation with Knight Foundation Detroit Program Director, Nate Wallace, on including more diversity in the arts. And, a new hip hop music video encourages people to wear masks during the pandemic.