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  • Mochitsuki: The Art of Pounding Rice The holidays are a time to celebrate tradition with family and friends. With the pandemic, those gatherings are on hold. In this piece, we take a look back at this One Detroit report to see how this traditional Japanese New Year’s celebration involving the pounding of rice was being replicated at a metro Detroit community center.
  • The Polish Christmas Tradition of Wigilia One Detroit looks in on the a Polish Christmas Eve tradition—a dinner and celebration known as Wigilia—given by the Wayne State University Polish Club.
  • Great Lakes Now on One Detroit: Shooting Superior Skies When it comes to seeing and photographing the northern lights, the Great Lakes region is one of the best destinations in the lower 48. Photographer Shawn Malone has won awards for her night sky photography. She and Adler Planetarium’s Nick Lake explains what to look for and what to avoid when viewing and photographing the skies.

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