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As a journalist, it’s important to keep your opinions and news separate. This Zoom conversation is not a news story. We wanted to share our thoughts about the video and Mayor Mike Duggan and Police Chief James Craig’s remarks following the incident. We also discuss the city’s use of facial recognition technology in police investigations and what it meant for one innocent Black man arrested in front of his wife and children. 

Here is a police dash cam video of the incident and Chief Craig’s account of what took place Sunday. 

For the past month, we’ve watched daily protests urging city officials to defund the police department and de-escalate police violence. Have they listened?

We invite you to share your thoughts on Twitter. You can find us @BridgeDet313, @BryceHuffman313, and @orlandopbailey. Are our criticisms fair? Do Duggan and Craig owe us citizens a more thoughtful response to our questions and concerns? 

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