Donna Givens Davidson, Orlando Bailey, Eastside Community Network organizing director Savana Brewer and Jerry King of the UAW and AFL-CIO. (Podcast screenshot)

This story also appeared in Authentically Detroit

Authentically Detroit is a BridgeDetroit partner podcast that tells the stories of Detroiters’ lives through exposition and interview. 

In this episode, hosts Orlando Bailey and Donna Givens Davidson discuss the role of labor organizations in advocating for workers and the well-being of a community. 

Jerry King is a longtime member of the UAW. He also serves as president of the AFL-CIO Consistency Group and believes unions should partner with community organizations to help improve the lives of all people.  

“I’m a community stakeholder with a voice. I’m here to uplift the concerns of the community so that everyone is heard,” said King.   

“As we organize workers, and the community, we can educate everyone about civic responsibility and upward movement,” King said.

Savana Brewer, director of organizing at Eastside Community Network, is excited about the opportunity to work with labor organizers and unions. She said these groups complement her work with residents. “We already have a coalition of residents that are organized and ready to partner to advance their causes.”

King served as chair of the Neighborhood Advisory Council that oversaw the Fiat Chrysler expansion community benefits process. King and Brewer will be working with residents to monitor community benefits compliance.

Learn more about Bargaining for the Common Good. 

Orlando Bailey is Engagement Director for BridgeDetroit. He is the former deputy director for Eastside Community Network in Detroit, is co-host of the Authentically Detroit podcast, and is the host at...

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