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  • Can Term Limits Be Fixed? A New Idea is Underfoot It’s been almost three decades since Michigan voters approved term limits for our state legislators. State representatives are held to three two year terms and state senators can serve two four year terms. One Detroit explains how term limits came to Michigan, just one of fifteen states that has them, and some of the problems attributed to the restrictions. Now, there’s bipartisan idea from Lansing that could extend terms in the legislature that requires the legislature to get a proposal on the ballot.
  • Stephen and Nolan Take on Term Limits Our One Detroit contributors discuss the downsides of term limits, the potential of part-time legislature to fix them, and the underlying perceptions that cause them to be so popular with voters.
  • Belle Isle Spring Cleanup Today is Earth Day, a worldwide celebration to remind everyone to care for our environment. Here at Detroit Public TV, Great Lakes Now teamed up with PBS Education and the Belle Isle Conservancy to offer an internship to a high school student to help plan the Belle Isle Spring Cleanup this weekend. As part of her work, Brionne Davis made a video to help raise awareness.
  • Respite Care: Giving Stressed Caregivers Relief It’s estimated that 53 million Americans are providing care for a loved one. If you are a caregiver, you know that it can be a rewarding, but difficult responsibility. Plus, many caregivers are not taking the time to care for themselves. In a report for the New York and Michigan Solutions Journalism Collaborative and in partnership with Urban Aging News, One Detroit’s Will Glover takes us to an adult day program in Detroit that is addressing this major issue and providing some relief for stressed caregivers.

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