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Last month Meijer stores opened their Riverfront market on Jefferson Avenue just east of downtown Detroit, dedicating shelf space to regional food producers.
It could be the start of a new trend, and some Detroit entrepreneurs are along for the ride, but how can they scale up to build their brand and deliver to more stores?
Bill Kubota checks in with a couple of very local producers we’ve featured before here on One Detroit, and meets a few more. 

Continuing our education coverage, we look at how teachers are doing at this point in the school year. Christy McDonald talks with local 3rd grade teacher, Meghan Moxon, at Hiller Elementary, and Dorothea Williams Arnold, ELA Teacher at Cass Tech in Detroit, about the challenges of blended learning, the kind of supports they’ve received, and how they see the role of teachers changing.

  • Why More Detroiters Are Opting to Legally Carry Guns

When the top of gun violence comes up, usually solutions point towards getting guns off the street. But our reporting partners at BridgeDetroit wanted to take a look at why more Detroiters are choosing to legally carry. For some, ownership is about a sense of protection; for others, it’s about exercising their 2nd Amendment right to carry. Will Glover talks with reporter Bryce Huffman.

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