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Michigan Opera Theatre & Detroit Symphony Orchestra: MOT Season Open at Meadowbrook 

The Michigan Opera Theatre’s first performance of the season is Saturday June 12th, at Meadowbrook Hall. WRCJ’s Peter Whorf and Dave Wagner sat down with Yuval Sharon – Michigan Opera Theatre Artistic Director, Jader Bignamini  – Music Director of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and Christine Goerke – Associate artistic director of the Michigan Opera Theatre to hear more about the seasons opening performance of Cavalleria Rusticana.

Reflecting on the school year: Christy McDonald & Amber Arellano 

As the school year comes to an end, Christy McDonald reflects on what we’ve learned about education with executive director of Education Trust Midwest Amber Arellano. They touch on wealth disparities in education, the impacts of distance learning on children, and much more.

Vaccine Work Requirements

As the covid-19 vaccine becomes more available and Michiganders try to get back to normal, businesses are still navigating the virus, which may mean requiring employees be vaccinated to work. Will Glover talks with Tony Paris, Lead Attorney for the Sugar Law center for Economic and Social Justice to find out if employers can legally make being vaccinated a perquisite for work.

Student Reporting Labs

Detroit Public TV partners PBS student reporting labs lets us hear from students who want to share what they’ve learned over this last school year. Some students thrived in a distance learning environment, while others say they began to miss the place they used to dread coming to, school.

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