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  • Ken Quattro is a comic book enthusiast and historian that found himself looking for information about an obscure comic book artist when a friend sent him down a path from which he would emerge a decade later with an understanding of how entrenched racism is in America, and book called “The Invisible Men: The Trailblazing Black Artists of Comic Books
  • Thornetta Davis: Detroit Blues & R&B singer on working during the pandemic, her career working with artists such as Etta James, to Gladys Knight, to Bob Seger and the recent song with Jeff Daniels “I Am America” featured in a Georgia Senate Election Ad.
  • Artist Sabrina Nelson creates and describes her exhibition Why You Wanna Fly Blackbird based on how Black women feel when their womb, their home becomes empty after a child is lost.
  • Performance: Detroit Youth Chior – Roar

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