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  • Behind the Scenes “From Broadway to Obscurity” Take a sneak peek to see how Eric Gutman’s one-man musical, “From Broadway to Obscurity” came together in a partnership with Detroit Public Television, Detroit Public Theatre, and the Chautauqua Theater Company.
  • Devin Scillian’s Quarantine Interludes Christy talks with Devin Scillian, the evening anchor at WDIV Channel 4. While we all know him as a journalist, he’s also a great musician. Devin shares about the importance of music and about his “Quarantine Interludes,” the songs he shares daily on social media.
  • Joan Belgrave: Healing through Music Joan Belgrave is Detroit’s most noted jazz singer and is known for her soothing voice. Joan talks with Christy McDonald about lost gigs and uncertainty during the pandemic as well as her exploration of feeling grief having lost people to COVID, her late husband and jazz musician, Marcus Belgrave, and how she’s found healing through music.

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