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  • Bonded Art Exhibition Will Glover catches up with Beacon Park manager Meg Heeres and Detroit Artist Jon Harris to talk about the Bonded Art Exhibition that runs from April 23rd to the 25th. The exhibition will feature artists from Detroit and and metro area displaying their work in a covid safe open air tent.
  • Detroit Jazz City Catch the first glimpse of the first 5 minutes of “Detroit Jazz City,” the upcoming half hour DPTV documentary on Detroit’s role in helping introduce jazz music to the world. The documentary, which airs on Detroit Public TV on September 18th at 9:30 p.m., will focus on the history of jazz in Detroit while also sharing the stories of those Detroiters who have made monumental contributions to the original art form.
  • The Black Madona Here in Detroit, their influence was depicted in a painting that shocked the nation when it was unveiled more than 50 years ago at the Shrine of the Black Madonna. The portrait of a Black Madonna and baby Jesus was not only a symbol of Black liberation and power, but it also represented the strength of the Black woman in the fight for freedom and equality. Producer Marcus Green has the story.
  • Coney Island Craze From the Made in Detroit series this segement takes a dive into the special place Michigan and Detroit hold for the Coney Island restaurants. While exploration of how they became so prevelient you may be craving a coney by the end of this look into the Detroits Coney Island Craze.

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