BridgeDetroit founding editor Stephen Henderson (Photo by Valaurian Waller)

At BridgeDetroit, we don’t decide the priorities for our coverage–Detroiters do.

Our reporting is completely focused on lifting up the issues that the people of Detroit identify as important to their lives. We determine what these issues are by using a Community Priorities Model.

This unique model of engagement-focused journalism means we gather information from a number of sources (e.g., surveys, polling, in-person meetings, focus groups, publicly available data, social media) and refine it into a quarterly report that guides the responsive work of BridgeDetroit’s journalists.

Our first Community Priorities Model report was just released, and its findings are guiding our coverage plans. 

Listening to the community is the cornerstone of our work. It’s the kind of personal, labor-intensive work that many news outlets, including those who claim to represent “Detroit’s news” don’t take the time to do. But this work does take time, and it takes resources. 

This is why we need reader support for our nonprofit newsroom. Your donations fuel our community engagement work, which in turn fuels our reporting. 

Our spring fundraising campaign starts today. Will you donate today to help us keep listening to Detroiters?

Yes, I support the work you’re doing!

Thank you for considering this request and for reading BridgeDetroit.

Stephen Henderson is the Founding Editor of BridgeDetroit, and a former writer and editor for the Detroit Free Press, Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune. Winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary,...

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