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George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were killed by police officers earlier this year. Since then, protesters across the globe have stood in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.  Calling for the end of excessive force by police officers and the defunding of  law enforcement agencies, protesters continue to take to the streets.

For months, a group of Detroit protesters has demanded that the Detroit Police Department be defunded and resources reallocated to community services. They’re also calling for Police Chief James Craig to resign.

BridgeDetroit’s Bryce Huffman spoke with Nakia Wallace and Tristan Taylor, two of the most vocal organizers. Wallace and Taylor both have been arrested multiple times this summer for protesting against excessive police force, particularly against Black and Brown people, and have no plans to stop.

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Bryce Huffman is a reporter for BridgeDetroit. He was formerly a reporter for Michigan Radio, and host of the podcast, Same Same Different.

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