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This week we’ll look at the legacy of the country’s first African American-owned and operated television station, Detroit’s WGPR-TV62. Plus, we’ll remember Karen Hudson Samuels, the driving force behind the creation of a broadcast museum and national and state historical designations for WGPR. Stephen talks with the president of the WGPR-TV62 Historical Society, Joe Spencer.  Also, the Sphinx Organization made changes for this year’s Finals Competition Concert, due to the pandemic.  Andre Dowell talks with Stephen about the virtual event, the contestants and the group’s support of Black and Brown classical string players. And, we’ll have a preview of a PBS documentary, “Mr. Soul!” about the nation’s first Black variety show, “Soul!,” which debuted in 1968.

Stephen Henderson is the Founding Editor of BridgeDetroit, and a former writer and editor for the Detroit Free Press, Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune. Winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary,...

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