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Host Stephen Henderson continues American Black Journal’s “The Black Church in Detroit” series with the 12th installment exploring the role and services provided by Black churches in Detroit for incarcerated men and women, and their families, as well as exonerated former inmates re-entering society.

This story also appeared in DPTV - American Black Journal

Stephen sits down with Bishop Mbiyu Chui of the Shrine of the Black Madonna #1 as well as Rev. Samuel Spruill of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, and the CEO of the Helping Operations for People Empowerment (H.O.P.E.) nonprofit about the jail and prison ministry services their churches provide to current and former inmates in the region.

Then, producer AJ Walker takes viewers inside United Kingdom Church to watch a welcome home celebration being held for exonerated former inmates. Walker talks with Terrence Devezin, United Kingdom Church Pastor and Co-Founder of the Ambassadors Group, and Ambassadors Group Co-founder Maxine Willis about their celebrations for the wrongfully convicted, and the other resources their organization provides to exonerated individuals re-adjusting to life outside of prison after spending decades behind bars.


Stephen Henderson is the Founding Editor of BridgeDetroit, and a former writer and editor for the Detroit Free Press, Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune. Winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary,...

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