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Current Events Roundtable: Redistricting, Ahmaud Arbery, A Year After an Insurrection

American Black Journal Host Stephen Henderson leads a wide-ranging roundtable discussion around some of the biggest current events catching headlines in the new year. Hear public relations and political consultants Karen Dumas, Greg Bowens and Brandon Brice, as well as 910 AM Superstation’s “The Urban Conservative” host Kerry Leon Jackson debate about the Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission’s controversial new maps and the impacts they may have on Black voters and lawmakers.

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The roundtable continues with a discussion between the panelists about the sentencing of three white men in Georgia for the murder conviction of Ahmaud Arbery, if they felt the punishment was appropriate and what message they believe the conviction and sentencing sends across the United States. The panelists also share their perspectives on where they believe we stand as a country a year after the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol insurrection.

Roundtable Guests:

Karen Dumas, Ideas and Images Inc.
Greg Bowens, Bowens and Co.
Brandon Brice, Political Consultant
Kerry Leon Jackson, “The Urban Conservative,” 910 AM Superstation

Remembering Trailblazing Actor, Civil Rights Activist Sidney Poitier

Plus, Stephen remembers and celebrates the legacy of trailblazing actor and civil rights activist Sidney Poitier following his death Jan. 6. Poitier was the first Black male actor to win an Academy Award for a leading performance, paving the way for many others after him. He broke through the ceiling that once limited Black actors and made filmmakers interested in telling Black people’s stories. It wasn’t only on screen where Poitier made a difference, though. As major changes came to American society through the civil rights movement, Poitier became the voice of progress in Hollywood.

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