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Racially Motivated Buffalo Grocery Store Shooting Kills 10, Injures Three  

Another racially motivated fatal shooting has rocked Black America. An 18-year-old white man is under arrest for fatally shooting 10 people, and wounding three others at Tops Friendly Market in a predominately Black neighborhood in Buffalo, NY. The shooter was allegedly motivated by white supremacy, writing a 180-page document espousing the “Great Replacement Theory,” which claims there’s an intentional effort to replace the white American majority with people of color through immigration. 

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As the African American community is gripped by another tragic mass shooting, Detroit Branch NAACP President Rev. Wendell Anthony joins host Stephen Henderson to talk about the Buffalo shooting and the gunman’s white supremacist views. Plus, they posit what needs to be done to reduce and eliminate these casualties, including white Americans’ role in addressing racism. 

Drowning in Dues: The Cost of Water for Communities of Color

The federal government plans to invest billions of dollars into fixing Michigan’s aging water infrastructure, while at the same time the cost of water rates for Michigan residents continues to rise. The impact of having access to affordable, clean drinking water is especially felt in communities of color across the state like Flint, Bentor Harbor and Detroit. 

In conjunction with Great Lakes Now’s “Water’s True Cost” special episode, host Stephen Henderson talks with We the People of Detroit Co-founder Cecily McClellan and Wayne State University Law Professor Peter Hammer about the rising water bills in Detroit, looming water shutoffs, and the racial disparities impacting access to clean, safe and affordable drinking water. 

Great Lakes Now‘s “Water’s True Cost” special episode airs at 7:30p ET May 25 on Detroit Public TV. 


Another racially motivated shooting has rocked Black America. Host Stephen Henderson talks with Detroit Branch NAACP President Rev. Wendell Anthony about the tragic mass shooting in Buffalo, NY that killed 10 African Americans and injured 3 others. Plus, Stephen looks at the rising cost of water and its impact on communities of color with We the People of Detroit co-founder Cecily McClellan and Wayne State law professor Peter Hammer.
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Stephen Henderson is the Founding Editor of BridgeDetroit, and a former writer and editor for the Detroit Free Press, Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune. Winner of the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary,...

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